Frequently Asked Questions about mosquito treatment

are there any contracts?

Absolutely not. Enjoy the freedom to use our services at your pleasure. Only use us when you need us.

How long is mosquito season?

Our active mosquito treatment season runs from March through November depending on the weather. We are open year round.

how long does it take to treat a yard?

A typical mosquito treatment will average about 20-30 minutes. Larger yards (over 1 acre) may take longer to treat.

how long does treatment last?

Each treatment lasts approximately twenty-one(21) days. Please be aware that there are exceptions due to inclement weather or pressure washing the structures.

does rain affect treatment?

Rain does not cause an issue for our treatment process. The products are designed to last, so once dry, only a fraction of the product can be physically removed other than by the natural breakdown of the product. We will not spray in the rain, but we can spray soon after.

how long until yard is ready to enjoy?

After a spray treatment, you need to ensure that the product has completely dried before going outside. We recommend a minimum of one(1) hour. Once the product has completely dried, you, your family, and pets may safely enjoy the outside.

does anyone have to be home during treatment?

No. As long as we have access to the property and your pets are secure, we can treat.

what chemicals are used to treat?

Our spray product is a synthetic form of pyrethrin called a pyrethroid. Pyrethrin is the natural byproduct of the Chrysanthemum flower. Synthetic pyrethroids have a similar chemical structure as pyrethrin, and are used in numerous commercial products such as household insecticides, pet shampoos and sprays, and even lice shampoos. The products themselves are water-based, mixed in water and will not harm plants.

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