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To The 2024 Mosquito Season

Innovative Service Solutions for Complete Mosquito Control

Explore our comprehensive selection of services that cater to a variety of needs, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Implementing proven strategies for a residential environment.


Comprehensive mosquito prevention services for commercial properties with outside venues.

Special Events

Say goodbye to uninvited guests: special event mosquito control solutions.

Homeowner Associations

Protecting your community: mosquito control solutions for homeowner associations.


Keep the pests away from your noble steeds: equestrian mosquito control solutions.

Emergency Response

Swift and effective relief: emergency response mosquito control solutions.

Free Inspection & Estimate

If you are struggling to keep the mosquitoes at bay, please call us for an inspection.
We will gladly show you the what, where, why, when and how of efficient mosquito control.

What Can The Buzz Fuzz Offer?

The Buzz Fuzz Mosquito Control is proud to offer the very best in service by providing our clients the knowledge, tools & resources to help mitigate mosquito populations both efficiently and cost effectively.

The Buzz Fuzz Mosquito Traps

The “Buzz Bucket” is making a difference in improving our mosquito control.

The newest edition to our “tools of the trade”, this trap has been field tested and highly effective in reducing the overall population of “container” type mosquito species.

Most effective against “container” mosquitoes

This includes some of the most common species in our area and around 85% – 95% of our clients have incurred these type mosquitoes.

Extends our coverage area

By a process called auto-dissemination, the mosquito will carry the treatment to other breeding sights thus treating them as well.

Reduces our adulticide footprint

By supplementing these traps, we are often able to reduce both potency and rate in our adulticide (spray) program.

Does not cost anything extra

By implementing these traps, we are able to add value and not cost. All of our buckets are recycled from local businesses.

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