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Welcome to the 2023 Mosquito Season!

The Buzz Fuzz Mosquito Control is proud to offer the very best in service by providing our clients the knowledge, tools & resources to help mitigate mosquito populations both efficiently and cost effectively.

Our Mosquito Service

The Buzz Fuzz Mosquito Control process is backed by research and experience.  We offer mosquito control service to a host of different clients.

Residential Mosquito Control


Commercial Mosquito Control


special event mosquito control

Special Events

homeowner association mosquito control

Homeowner Associations

equestrian mosquito control


emergency response mosquito control

Emergency Response

Pond Stocking

We are now proud to offer the best in biological control for those with permanent bodies of water. These minnows have been researched and show a lot of promise in reducing mosquito populations.

***Service on Saturdays only***

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We are very proud to be your Authorized Thermacell Dealer!

Ingenuity at its’ finest…

The “Buzz Bucket” is making a difference in improving our mosquito control.

The newest edition to our “tools of the trade”, this trap has been field tested and highly effective in reducing the overall population of “container” type mosquito species.

This includes some of the most common species in our area and around 85% – 95% of our clients have incurred these type mosquitoes.

By a process called auto-dissemination, the mosquito will carry the treatment to other breeding sights thus treating them as well.

By supplementing these traps, we are often able to reduce both potency and rate in our adulticide (spray) program.

By implementing these traps, we are able to add value and not cost. All of our buckets are recycled from local businesses.

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