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louisiana mosquito control association

Louisiana Mosquito Control Association

The LMCA was founded in 1957 with the original goal of demonstrating, through experimental pilot programs, that marsh mosquitoes could be effectively controlled and to push for legislation enabling individual parishes the ability to form taxing districts for the express purpose of funding their own mosquito control program.  After successfully achieving both goals, the association is now 52 years old, with funded parish-wide mosquito control programs in 24 parishes and over 350 members.

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New Orleans Mosquito, Termite, and Rodent Control Board

The Board’s mission is to decrease the incidences of disease transmission, economic loss, and medical emergencies caused by pests (i.e. mosquitoes, rodents, termites) by managing pest populations through a series of integrated approaches including surveillance, source reduction, biological control, sanitation, community education, and adult/larval abatement operations.

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Louisiana Department of Health

The mission of the Department of Health (LDH) Office of Public Health (OPH) is to protect and promote the health and wellness of all individuals and communities in Louisiana. We accomplish this through education, promotion of healthy lifestyles, preventing disease and injury, enforcing regulations that protect the environment, sharing vital information and assuring preventive services to uninsured and underserved individuals and families.

National Mosquito Resources

American Mosquito Control Association Logo

American Mosquito Control Association

To enhance health and quality of life through the suppression of vector-transmitted diseases and the reduction of mosquitoes and other public health pests by providing leadership, information, collaboration, tools, and education.

Mosquito Illness Alliance Logo

Mosquito Illness Alliance

Mosquito Illness Alliance exists to improve upon the quality of life for those who suffer from Mosquito Borne Illness.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC works 24/7 to protect America from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S. Whether diseases start at home or abroad, are chronic or acute, curable or preventable, human error or deliberate attack, CDC fights disease and supports communities and citizens to do the same.

environmental protection agency Logo

Environmental Protection Agency

The mission of the EPA is to protect human health and the environment.

american heartworm society

American Heartworm Society

True to its mission of leading the veterinary profession and public in understanding heartworm disease, the American Heartworm Society aims to further scientific progress in the study of heartworm disease, while informing its membership of new developments.

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National Pesticide Information Center

NPIC provides objective, science-based information about pesticides and pesticide-related topics to enable people to make informed decisions about pesticides and their use. NPIC is a cooperative agreement between Oregon State University and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


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World Health Organization

Their goal is to build a better, healthier future for people all over the world. Working through offices in more than 150 countries, WHO staff work side by side with governments and other partners to ensure the highest attainable level of health for all people.

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