about the buzz fuzz

Why Mosquito Control?

It was really a slap to the face that started it all, and now we are proud to be your local, one-stop mosquito control service.

What mosquito control means to us

The Buzz Fuzz is continually striving to improve all aspects of our service through the following:

  • Educating our clients on how to stay protected.
  • Using the latest tools and methods that research has to offer.
  • Staying up to date in todays political enviornment.
  • Being one of nature’s top stewards.
  • Remaining as cost effective as possible.
  • Maintaining a constant relationship within the industry.

Meet The Team

Chris Wilder


Brent Fontenot

Lead Technician


Field Testing Supervisor


Field Testing Apprentice

We are proud members of

Acadiana Beekeepers Association Logo

The Buzz Fuzz Mosquito Control is not a franchise

We are proud to be your local service in mosquito control in Lafayette, LA. We make it a point to source as much locally as possible.

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